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RE: OT Why is everyone so grouchy?

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Sorry to extend this thread, but however off topic, this needs dealing
with.  Name calling and making general and unfounded (or at least
unsupported) accusations is hardly the way to argue a point.  If you
have specific evidence that supports your claim, please present it.  I
am particularly puzzled as to how you came to this conclusion.  Linux
is alive and well, and gaining popularity every day, from what I can
tell.  How you suppose the current administration to eradicate Free
software in the US in another term is beyond me.

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 21:37:28 -0700, Z <zleite mminternet com> wrote:
> Not to mention that the situation is really serious now. The damage the
> Shrub "administration" did is already bad enough.
> Another term might bring the end of Free software, including Linux, as
> we know it, in the US. It is very relevant to this list, in that regard.
> Z

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This isn't unusual.  These types of people blame the current administration
for everything from their diarrhea to the hurricanes in Florida.

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