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Re: Fedora For Kids

Don Maxwell wrote:
On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:43:24 -0600 "Christopher A. Williams"

Sorry to say the idea was a bust in my household. Within 10 minutes my 9 year-old daughter had a problem on Barbie.com that I was unable to resolve. It was over the summer, so the details escape me now. It might be worthwhile to turn her loose again so that I can detail what was wrong, if there is any interest.


The biggest problems that I have come across are sites that want to use activeX controls and directmedia plugins.

Any sites like that I email the site admin about. Teletubbies were a bad one for this.

The only problem that we have come across was our daughter purchased a book and game pack at school. It is a windows game and I cannot get it to install under wine. The installer chokes.

I have to find time to work with this, come along snow days. The only good reason for snow in cities. :)

Robin Laing

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