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Re: Fedora For Kids

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 11:08 -0500, Don Maxwell wrote:

> > Same here: For kids ages 16, 10 6 and 3. Currently testing out FC3T3.
> > 
> > All have their own accounts (except for the youngest). All are using
> > Firefox equipped with Flash Plugin and play their favorite games at
> > Cartoonnetwork.com, Disney's sites and Nickelodeon.com. Local games like
> > Tux Racer are big-time hits for them.
> Sorry to say the idea was a bust in my household.  Within 10 minutes
> my 9 year-old daughter had a problem on Barbie.com that I was unable
> to resolve.  It was over the summer, so the details escape me now.  It
> might be worthwhile to turn her loose again so that I can detail what
> was wrong, if there is any interest.

My 6-year-old loves barbie.com. Just had a look for myself
(FC3T3/Firefox/Flash/Java/RealPlayer). Looks like the site makes *very*
heavy use of Flash. You might make sure you have all of the updates,
especially latest Flash and Java plugins, and try again.

OTOH, if there is anything requiring Shockwave Director (less and less
so I'm finding), it will definitely not work.



When the solution is simple,
God is answering.

-- Albert Einstein

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