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Re: OT (and maybe silly): Re: uptime record?

Am Mo, den 25.10.2004 schrieb K. Richard Pixley um 18:40:

> a) not all machines are general purpose computers.  Some are essentially 
> embedded systems performing real time functions like routers, bridges, 
> switches, firewalls, dhcp servers, dns servers, ldap servers, etc.

I feel especially those kind of machines should be perfectly safe.

> b) not all machines are connected to the greater internet.  Some, while 
> performing all the functions of the greater internet, may live behind 
> multiple NAT's, multiple firewalls, etc, such that the probability of 
> any attack, even denial, reaching them is vanishingly slim.

Many if not most attacks are coming from "inside". It is not only the
"bad outside world - the internet wild life".

> c) not all machines are physical machines on physical networks.  :-).

Yes, but depends on too who can get hands on.

> --rich


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