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Re: Problem copying files

Tor Harald Thorland <linux mis no> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have tried to copy some files with some norwegian characters in the
> file name.
> FC 2 is not happy with them and keeps complaining that it cannot write
> them.. What can I do to make FC2 accept norwegian characters in
> filenames?

Don't know if I can help, but the people who can probably need to know

Are you doing this from the command line or a filemanager?

Do you have the right permissions?  If creating the new file, do you
have write permission for the directory you're copying to?  Does the
destination file already exist read-only?  (check by ls -lh)
Do you have enough free space (df -h)?

What does
$echo $LANG
say?  (Given FC2, hopefully (something).UTF-8 )

What file systems are you copying to and from (at the very least
the output of mount would be useful)?

What are the names of the files in question? I managed:

$ touch Skarphéðinn
$ cp Skarphéðinn /tmp
$ ls /tmp/Skarphéðinn


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