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Re: openoffice up2date -- disk space

Joshua Andrews wrote:
> I know this is off the wall but anyway, after running up2date today I 
> seem to have lost 200MB of disk space.
> I thought maybe the openoffice rpms were cached somewhere but there is 
> nothing in /tmp or /var to account for 200MB.
> only xpdf and openoffice were updated, up2date is configured not to 
> store the rpms, so where did 200MB go?

Well, you've been told what the OpenOffice RPMs might do to a system,
which would account for this, but you haven't found out how to find this
out ... so to speak.

Try a
cd /
du -s *
(which will take a while) to see which file trees are using the most
space. cd into the likely culprits and try the du -s * again.

You might need to use du -s | sort -n to sort out directories with lots
of content.

This will show you what's using the space at the moment. It won't show
you historical changes: to the best of my knowledge, apart from the
stuff that logwatch sends you, this isn't recorded by default. You could
try your hand at scripting something and putting it into cron: every
system start, or every day, the disk usage of certain directories gets

Have fun!

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