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Re: Dovecot or Cyrus

Am Di, den 26.10.2004 schrieb Ben Halicki um 3:53:

> Looking to replace our UW-IMAP server with either Dovecot or Cyrus.  Has
> anyone had any experience with these two IMAP servers?  As far as I can
> tell, the Dovecot filesystem is compatible with uw-imap, which would make
> the upgrade easier.  My main issue is performance.  We run up to 100
> simultaneous connections and with this load, uw-imap seems to suffer
> performance and stability wise.

> Ben

100 concurrent IMAP connections sounds like a bigger mail server
environment. I then would imagine you would benefit from the power of
the Cyrus-IMAPd. Because of it's capabilities is requires more
understanding and energy to set it up properly. Especially the
interaction with the MTA (Sendmail, Postfix, Exim) is not prepared on
Fedora Core in a way so that it immediately works after installation.
Though it is not a real problem.

Dovecot can be high-performance too either with mbox or Maildir usage.
Dovecot does indexing, see


I think you will have to read both IMAP/POP3 server's documentation a
bit to see what you need regarding features, complexity and your skills.
Performance shouldn't be a real problem with both. The uw-imapd is not a
good performer speaking about larger systems. For the Cyrus-IMAPd see


I would vote for Cyrus-IMAPd because I like it's features.


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