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Re: OT Why is everyone so grouchy?

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 21:58, Jonathan Berry wrote:
> Hi,
> I am sorry to hear about your diplomat who died in Iraq.  I'm afraid
> that is the nature of war.  Many hundreds of US soldiers have died as
> well, along with many others or various nationalities.  What price are
> we to put on freedom?  What is it worth?  You have become a US citizen
> now (I didn't realize you could keep your birth citizenship too,
> though), so you are enjoying the benefits of freedom that many people
> fought and died for over the past few hundred years.  Now, the people
> of Iraq and Afghanistan have that same chance.  If there is perhaps
> anyone on this list that lives in Iraq, I would love to hear your
> thoughts on the matter of the war.
> Yet again, you resort to name calling and unfounded accusations. 
> President Bush in going to Iraq himself, in the heat of the war,
> exhibited much more bravery than you give him credit.  As President,
> he has the responsibility of running this nation.  If he were to go
> over to Iraq and stay there, he would not be doing his job.  I would
> say the same for any President.  You obviously realize the danger of
> being in Iraq right now.  Do you realize what it would do for the
> terrorists to be able to have a chance to kill the US President?
> Anyway, I advise you to be careful for whom you vote, lest you
> jeopardize your freedom to vote and to say things about government
> officials like you have been saying.  Remember where that freedom came
> from.
> Jonathan

(Resend of screwed up post)


First off, please don't top post.  It's against the list rules. Second,
comparing this to the Revolutionary War is completely uncalled for. 
Have you taken college level history?  It's amazing how much it opens
the eyes.

For example, the US declared independence, and what did Britain do, so
they could preserve their trade exports and other governmental control? 
They came over in naval fleets in a declaration of war.  Our ancestors
died to be free of tyrannical-monarchical rule.

By comparing this war to that of the independence of this nation is very
sad indeed.  I'll suggest thinking about things before you snap to for
Mr. Bush.  Flouting him around like he was on the level of George
Washington, or any of our founding fathers is quite a stretch.

You might find it useful to see a textbook on college level history at:


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