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Re: up2date from behind microsoft firewall

Coghlan, Peter (Panels Oberon) wrote:
> So far I am unable to run up2date from behind microsoft firewall.
> I have ADSL at home where up2date works reasonably well but at work
> I cannot run up2date because of the loveley MS firewall 

Which *can* be set up sanely. Does yours *require* NTLM authentication,
or will it use what Microsoft are pleased to call "basic"
authentication?  (This is under the control of your system
administrators: can you ask yours to add support for basic

Take a look at the messages around
where yum was persuaded to work through a proxy.
> Tried APS098 (NTLM authenticator) from sourceforge which makes web
> browser work OK
> But I am stuck on up2date because it must be trying to use https which
> Aps098 does not support anything but http requests.

Can you get yum to work through that?

I can't remember off-hand exactly what up2adte does require, but yum is
plain HTTP.

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Um. If your employers insist on adding that to the end of each e-mail,
maybe they won't change their proxy setup for you.

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