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Re: OpenOffice update fails - bad gpg

I've been trying to install the openoffice update for the last several days.
Every time, it fails due to bad gpg signatures.  Has anyone had a successful
download and, if so, what Fedora mirror did you use?


As recommended elsewhere on the list, get the rpm files FIRST.  The files are huge, one of them over 100MB and will take a long time.  If you are using up2date, the default download directory is /var/spool/up2date.  Once you retrieve the files to the appropriate directory, then run up2date.  It will recognize that you previously downloaded the files and use them.  As far as a FTP client, I use gftp, but any ftp client that will allow restart should suffice.  And I used mirrors.kernel.org for the download as I am located more towards the US West coast than the East coast, but you should be able to use any mirror site for the download.  I would stay away from the main Fedora site as it has a heavier load than most of the mirror sites.

James McKenzie
Looking forward to November 8th for more than one reason.

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