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Re: Any suggestion for good linux books?

ashwin kesavan iyengar wrote:

Fedora-core 2). I hav fair amount of computer background.(Since my
Bachelor degree was in Computer Science engineering). Can somebody
suggest good linux books for me. I have tried some but of no success.
Either they r too basic or too complex. I now the general concept of
OS, Networks, etc. I hav not formally had any leasons in unix or
linux. Little knowledge that i gained was through HOWTOs, info. Now i
wish to become an EXPERT in linux. I am not inclined to do

Figuring that you have the prerequisite understanding of how OSes work, etc. and some programming skills, you might want to look into some "advanced basics" book - I liked "Advanced Unix Programming" (2nd edition, the first is around 20 years old). It's a fun way to figure the "internals" of the OS, while giving you interesting tasks to play with. It also does not assume you got plenty of UNIX experience. A good knowledge of C is recommended, though. The book treats Linux in quite a detail, but tries to teach how to write portable code.

On the other hand, if you are interested in becoming an admin, I recommend that you mostly try to play with all kinds of things you find in Linux, search the web for good ideas how to do things (lots and lots of HOWTOs out there), and ask here, when you get stuck.

Good luck,


Andrey Andreev
University of Helsinki
Dept. of Computer Science

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