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Re: How are fedora kernels modified from vanilla kernels

Am Di, den 26.10.2004 schrieb Javier Perez um 12:07:

> If i figure it right, it means that the src.rpm gives me the patches AND 
> the plain vanilla kernel. So If I want to recompile I still have to 
> apply the patches to bring the version of my kernel up to whatever point 
> number is being used,, for example. That is before I do the 
> menuconfig thing.
> Am I right?

Not really, the patching is done by using the .spec file. I suggest you
have a very close look at this online viewable .spec file:


You don't run menuconfig when using the kernel SRC.RPM. At least not in
the straight way like you would when using the plain kernel source tree
(patched or unpatched). This is because the SRC.RPM comes with prepared
.config file for the different architectures and changes have to be
applied to them. Else the rpmbuild will fail.

> Javier


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