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OpenOffice Update RPM vs. Installer (was Re: OpenOffice upgrade fails - bad gpg signature)

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 09:31, James Mckenzie wrote:
> I've been trying to install the openoffice update for the last several days.
> Every time, it fails due to bad gpg signatures.  Has anyone had a successful
> download and, if so, what Fedora mirror did you use?

This (IMHO) is one of those packages that is best NOT installed from an
RPM. The openoffice.org installer does a much better job and has a
windows installer type interface. Just my 2c.


I will not disagree with your comment.  However, the download for OO is still very large.  The last time I used the OO installer, the resulting download was in the range of 69MB.  I'm certain that this has increased since then.  Also, if I remember correctly, OO wants to install to /opt/bin and the default for FC2 is /usr/bin or /usr/lib.  You might end up with two different versions of OO installed on your system.  Again, I might be incorrect about the install directory for OO.  In any case, he needs to get the complete program or the installation might end up 'broken' or taking an extremely long time.  This is also another good reason to order the upgrade on CD if it is available, or having a friend burn a CD for you if their connection is better than yours.

James McKenzie
Looking forward to November 8th for more than one reason.

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