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Re: CUPS or OpenOffice Print Broken?

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 12:34, James Mckenzie wrote:
> Starting a new thread as this one has nothing to do with the old
> one....
> >> But aren't there some things we'd miss by not using the OO that is 
> >> specifically tuned for FC?
> >> 
> >> ...just curious.
> >> 
> >> Clint
> >
> >Yep. Most notably, the better integration with CUPS, which is now
> fixed
> >(thanks to Dan Williams) in this most recent update. You can actually
> >modify the printer settings via the print dialog now.
> >
> >Marc
> Are you stating that CUPS is broken or was OpenOffice broken when
> printing through CUPS and now it is fixed?  I'm experiencing problems
> with CUPS and the Gnome Print dialog, that's why I'm asking.
> James McKenzie

OO.org was broken in not enabling printer settings to be configured,
among other things. There is a Bugzilla report at:


It was initially prompted by the FC removal of spadmin, which was
required by OO.org to setup and configure printers. This step was taken
presumably as part of the incremental progress toward integration with
CUPS. It was not without issues initially, as you will note from some of
the BZ comments, including my own.

I temporarily retreated to OO.org's own release, including the recent
1.1.3 version.

However, I am now back to the new FC version, which as I mention is
largely fixed. There are still some lingering issues (also noted in the
BZ comments), but it is at least working now.

Unfortunately, I am not running GNOME (I am using the current CVS
version of Xfce), so I cannot comment on your particular issue.



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