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Re: logon failed

Am Di, den 26.10.2004 schrieb Gu, John A. (US SSA) um 19:47:

> Any user account created (using useradd by root account) does not work
> at the Fedora logon page. The error message is Authentication Failed. I
> have tried both option -p with useradd and command passwd for the
> password. They are all successful. A new user directory is created under
> /home.

> John

If you pass the "useradd" command any password with parameter "-p" be
sure it is already encrypted! Else you have a plain text password in the
/etc/shadow file. Obviously then a login will fail. If you created new
user accounts followed by setting the password with command "passwd
$username", then all should be proper. Just take care you have not
accidentally caps-lock on.


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