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Re: Promise FastTrack drivers for FC2

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From: "Omar Castañeda Acosta" <omar idea com mx>
To: "For users of Fedora Core releases" <fedora-list redhat com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 9:50 AM
Subject: RE: Promise FastTrack drivers for FC2

> 3ware 9000 does have native support under FC2. Just not on the
> All you need to do is to update to the latest kernel version (2.6.8-1.521
as of now) which includes the 3w-9xxx driver. Then recreate your init disk
image (mkinitrd) after changing the "/etc/modprobe.conf" to load the 3w_9xxx
driver after your boot drive.
> Now, if you want to boot using the 3ware 9000, you'll need to create your
own installation disk for FC2 using the latest kernel version. On this, I
cannot help, I know it's possible but have no idea on how to do it.
> Omar

That was not my experience.  I did install the 9000 series card after
updating to the latest current for everything including the 2.6.8-1.521 and
FC2 dropped the 3w-xxxx driver into place which will not work.  I had to
compile my own driver under that kernel and then run the mkinitrd stuff.  In
speaking with 3ware support they confirmed that in kernel support is coming
for the 9000 in future kernel releases but is not there presently.


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