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Re: Omission from updatedb exclusion list

I see that according to bug #122499 this was fixed in slocate 2.7-10 in May 2004, but this never made it to Fedora Core 2. The latest version available on the repositories is still 2.7-9.

What gives?


Greg Trounson wrote:

My Fedora Core 2 machine here has been accumulating dead updatedb processes lately (there are currently 40 processed with 'D' status), and I've just figured out why:

I have mounted some rather large and complex shares on a windows 2003 server domain controller using CIFS, the successor to SMB. Problem is, cifs is not explicitly mentioned in /etc/updatedb.conf. Normally, an SMB mount would be 'pruned' from the search path so the daily updatedb cron job would skip it. But now updatedb merrily jumps onto the windows share and tries to index it, invariably geting bogged down in unreasonably long paths and weird characters.

I would like to propose that "cifs" be included in the PRUNEFS line of /etc/updatedb.conf in future versions of slocate.


Modified updatedb.conf follows:

PRUNEFS="sysfs selinuxfs usbdevfs devpts NFS nfs afs sfs proc smbfs autofs auto iso9660 cifs"
PRUNEPATHS="/tmp /usr/tmp /var/tmp /afs /net /sfs /selinux /udev"
export PRUNEFS

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