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Re: yum vs. up2date

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 15:23:38 -0400, Peter Volsted <pvolsted image dk> wrote:
> hi
> linux r wrote:
> ----- snip
> >
> > I have problems with yum sometimes.  Like if I say 'yum update
> > packagex', it will update my entire system, or try to anyway.  That is
> > the syntax from the man page.  I haven't seen what option turns that
> > off.  Does anyone know if yum has a '--force singlepackageonly' type
> > option?
> >
> Doesn't man yum with: "update If  run without any packages, update
>           will update every currently installed package.  If one or more
>           packages are  specified,  Yum will  only update the listed
>           packages.  While updating packages, yum will ensure that all
>          dependencies  are  satisfied.   If  no  package  matches  the
> given
>          package name(s), they are assumed to be a shell glob and any
>          matches are then installed."  answer both your questions?
> --
> good luck
> peter

Thanks for asking.  I am not near a Fedora machine at the moment.  To
answer your question, the answer is, 'no, it does not answer my
questions'.   That is, I have also looked at the man page, but it does
not do what the man page says it should do.

yum update packagename  

will try to update my   _entire_system_   regardless of packages. 
Weird.   By the way this is with packages known to be installed. 
Maybe is has to do with some particular package that is interfering
with yum, who knows.  I am trying to 'force' it to upgrade a single
package, not the whole system - which is of course time consuming,
unnecessary, and a hassle as well.  I will run it when I get home and
post it if I can reproduce the error.


Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think. 
Ayn Rand

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