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Re: OT: Rejoining video files

Robin Laing wrote:
david walcroft wrote:

   Can someone tell me how to rejoin .mpeg/.avi/.mov/.wmv type files,
I have some from a local binaries usenet and to post they split them
up some are 6 sections and have an .eml added,the majority use M$ to OP.
 I'm using fc2 and mplayer but know nothing of video.

Thanks david

Let me understand clearly.

You are downloading a multipart binary from Usenet. You get something like yyy.avi.001 yyy.avi.002 yyy.avi.003 in your saved directory, correct? (I was going to use xxx but I thought that was suggesting something.) ;)

Now if this is correct, then all you have to do is cat them together. I have done this for years. Now to compound things, I have found that if and .avi file is missing a segment, and it of some certain formats, it won't play past the missing segment. I have run across the same problem with .wmv files. I wrote a simple script but it won't work with files that have spaces in their names.

Now if you look at the instructions for mencoder, there is a method that will join avi segments and process the index. It works sometimes. I did have a command that would repair avi's and process avi segments using mencoder but I lost it during the xmas cleanup. I shouldn't have relied on a sticky note to stay around.

Also if you have a problem with a file, using mplayer -idx filename sometimes helps as well.

Mplayer is a nice tool but I found that avifile that was on RH 6 was great as it would play almost any segment of a file which I cannot get mplayer to do. It could have something to do with the codec of the avi.

Look at the mplayer/mencoder documentation.

Thanks everybody, I think it will take a couple of days to work through all the info so I'll post any results (if I get any )


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