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Re: Promise FastTrack drivers for FC2

>Am Di, den 26.10.2004 schrieb Eucke Warren um 23:34:

>> No, he did not say anything contradictory but I wanted to point out that
>> "later" kernel (2.6.8-1.521), the one that he mentioned, did not work as
>> said for my build.  All I was saying was that my experience was different
>> and that the 3w-9xxx.ko module does not exist unless you compile it
>> and manually insmod and kick it into operation.  The native support for
>> 9000 series does not exist with the 2.6.8-1.521 kernel but will in future
>> revs...that comes from the 3ware support within the last week.
>> -Eucke

>I can not acknowledge this statement!


>You see I am running the Fedora Core 2 kernel (just SMP version) and _it
>has_ the requested module. I don't know why you miss it.


Not everyone is running SMP.  I should have qualified my statement that
there is an SMP driver but not uniprocessor.  My bad.


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