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Re: Arch conflicts between i386, x86_64 with redhat-artwork

Not a good way to do it, but I downloaded that package and did an "rpm
--install --force" on it.  Everything updated just fine after that.

I'm hoping that FC3 handles this sort of thing better!


On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 20:43, Jonathan Berry wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running FC2 x86_64 on my laptop.  Yum refuses to update because of
> the redhat-artwork rpm package.  OpenOffice.org (i386) wants
> redhat-artwork-0.96-1.i386, but I have redhat-artwork-0.96-1.x86_64
> installed, which is needed by other installed programs.  When it tries
> to install the i386 one, it complains that it conflicts with the
> x86_64 package.  Why there are two different packages, first of all,
> makes no sense to me.  Are these not just pictures and such?  The
> description says "contains the themes and icons."  Is there a way to
> force yum to go ahead and install, since it seems likely that there
> won't be a problem with using the x86_64 artwork package?  Or at least
> skip the ones it can't install and go ahead with what it can?  There
> is a whole list of things to install/update.  Why should it die if it
> cannot install one package and there are other packages do not depend
> on that package?
> Jonathan

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