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Re: Any suggestion for good linux books?

Well being a grasshopper on this subject I have had some good success with
 and of course
These on-line tomes should have you at the edge of your seat by the weekend
I hope you enjoy them use them often. Don't be afraid to dog-ear your favorite pages and do tell others about them
El Gato Feo

ashwin kesavan iyengar <ashwin chn gmail com> wrote:
I have been with linux ( initially with redhat 9, now with
Fedora-core 2). I hav fair amount of computer background.(Since my
Bachelor degree was in Computer Science engineering). Can somebody
suggest good linux books for me. I have tried some but of no success.
Either they r too basic or too complex. I now the general concept of
OS, Networks, etc. I hav not formally had any leasons in unix or
linux. Little knowledge that i gained was through HOWTOs, info. Now i
wish to become an EXPERT in linux. I am not inclined to do
courses(certifications), want to do my own study. Your suggestions
would b great.

Thank you,

with regards,

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