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Re: SATA HardDisk not detecting

Rajiv wrote:

Dear all,
        I want use SATA Hard Disk. But Fedora is not Detecting the
Hard Disk. I have connected the SATA Hard Disk as slave with the IDE

That is hard to do, since the cables are completely different. Are you sure this is a SATA drive? Are you using a SATA to IDE adapter? What model of SATA drive do you have, and which SATA chipset is your motherboard using?

Hard Disk (which is also having Fedora ) and Installed some driver
available in the MotherBoard CD. But the SATA HardDisk is not detected.
I want to know what driver to use for SATA HardDisk to be detected?
Thanks in Advance.

We need to know what SATA chipset your motherboard is using. (an lspci will tell you). Which driver you use is dependent on which chipset you have. You might check dmesg and grep for SATA and look at the lines after the SATA entries if they exist.

The kernel version you are using can make a big difference, as well. I have the Si3112 SATA chipset, and until kernel 2.6.7, my drive was detected as a PATA drive (/dev/hde). Since 2.6.7, my drive is seen as a scsi drive (/dev/sda). We need more information before we can help you.

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