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Re: Klamav & Fedora 2

On Monday 18 Oct 2004 17:46, The wise and knowledgeable Alexander Dalloz 

> > Has anyone got a working version of klamav for FC2?
> > I've tryed to install it with the shell script, but it generates to much
> > errors for me.
> >
> > THT
> Insufficient information given.What errors do you get? What kind of
> problems do you have?

Klamav works fine on my FC2 Laptop although its a little too 'user 
interactive'  I have set it to auto-start at start up but its a bit of a pain 
manually selecting

1: Auto-Update 4 times clicking OK
2: Selecting the directories to protect then clicking OK
3: Giving root password clicking OK

I shut my machine down every day so I have to go through the above procedures 
every morning, boring or what? I have googled for instruction on how to give 
these settings/requirements as default but with no success. :-) 

Peter Cannon
peter cannon3 wanadoo co uk

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