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Re: Incorporating a small change in inode structure: please help

Kaustubh Ghosh wrote:
>     what I want is to incorporate one extra field of information in the inode 
> structure. Can anybody tell me where I will find the definition of inode so 
> that I can add the extra field.What will be the other causes of concern, and 
> what more functions accessing the inodes will I need to change?
> Thanks in advance.
> I looked under fs  in the kernel source, found inode.c requires some 
> updation(If anyone please point out what functions should I change there -it 
> would still help me immensely).But what I was unable to find is the inode 
> definition.Please help me.


1. "inode" is pretty closely tied up with the filesystem: many
   filesystems Linux suuports don't have them. You'll have to specify
   the FS you're using.

2. You should really be asking the Linux Kernel Mailing List: that's
   where most of the people who can help you will be found.

3. Modifying on-disk structures and filesystem code is an activity of
   last resort. Think through what you're trying to do, and if there's
   *any* way of doing it in user-space. Consider databases. If you're
   worried about performance, then faster hardware may be a lot cheaper
   than your time.

4. If you must insist, prepare to lose a lot of data.

5. You might find Resier4's plugins match what you're trying to do. (I
   haven't looked at them: they just sound like what you want).

Hope this helps,


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