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Re: mysql 4.x and fedoracore2

Thomas V. Fischer wrote:


If I understand right the version of mysql in the fedora core 2 is 3.23.58.
Are there any rpms or plans to have the latest versions of mysql for FC2? (version 4.0.xx or 4.1.x)



MySQL changed their GPL and the people of Fedora, etc. did not like the changes. Basically, they are requiring anyone who uses MySQL for any commercial or managed purpose other than testing or development to pay royalties to MySQL.
They also have provisions to not distribute the source for some modules of MySQL.

I could be wrong on some points, but you get the gist. Basically, they have started a move away from open source. MySQL 3.23.58 is the last with the open source GPL, so that is what FC2 has included.

I'm sure I'll get flamed for some of my comments; because my points above may not be totally true. I'm not good a speaking lawerese.

James Kosin

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