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Re: Intro to services

Bill Matthews wrote:
Hello.  New linux user here.  Downloaded/installed Fedora FC2.  No
problems, I was amazed!

I have a lot of Windows experience, and some Solaris.

I installed the server version of Fedora.  I setup and have working
sendmail, vsftpd, httpd, etc.

But I noticed they dont start at boot.  I start them manually.  From
my solaris days I know I can start them with /etc/rc3.d/Swhatever
start.  I've also learned from this mailing list that I can start them
with the command 'service whatever start'.

But how do I get them to load at boot?  In Solaris, the existance of
the S script in /etc/rc3.d was enough.  But that doesnt seem to do it


If you're using the "Graphical" login, use the "Start/RedHat"
button-->System Settings-->ServerSettings-->Services for
most services.  There's a special problem with Sendmail
because they wanted to make sure that unknowledgable users
don't accidentally create mail/spam relays.  There's a
separate thread on this list (and documentation in
/usr/share/doc I'm told) about really setting up mail.

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