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Re: Intro to services

Bill Matthews wrote:
Hello. New linux user here. Downloaded/installed Fedora FC2. No problems, I was amazed!

I have a lot of Windows experience, and some Solaris.

I installed the server version of Fedora. I setup and have working sendmail, vsftpd, httpd, etc.

But I noticed they dont start at boot. I start them manually. From my solaris days I know I can start them with /etc/rc3.d/Swhatever start. I've also learned from this mailing list that I can start
them with the command 'service whatever start'.

But how do I get them to load at boot? In Solaris, the existance of the S script in /etc/rc3.d was enough. But that doesnt seem to do it

to configure most redhat variants to boot various services:

chkconfig --level 345 myservice on

that will configure it to run when entering run levels 3, 4, and 5.
with no arguments gives you an informative usage message.
once you have things configured as to how you want them, you can
reboot or
	telinit <runlevel>
(think youll have to hop to another level then back to your current)

fedora has a graphical tool to accomplish what chkconfig does at the
command line, its invoked

both of these tools just muck around with the System V init scr1pts.

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