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Re: mysql 4.x and fedoracore2

James Kosin wrote:
On the contrary they have moved TOWARDS open source. Evil companies are
no longer allowed to include MySQL with their closed source products,
they have to either stick with MySQL-3, go GPL or pay the open source
community their well deserved share.

You have to include YOU and I along with those Evil Companies. The agreement applies to ALL code generated, compiled, distributed with the MySQL libraries.

So, If you created something really neat and wanted to pass it along to a friend, you have two choices. a) Give your friend (or not) the complete source to your new gadget or (b) Purchase the commercial license from MySQL to be able to distribute the binary only to your friend.

Basically, this statement alone locks everyone into their GPL agreement unless you purchase a commercial license. For all works you create.

And that is the entire *point* of the GPL. To keep derivative works in the free software community. All GPLed software works this way.


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