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Re: mysql 4.x and fedoracore2

Birju Prajapati wrote:
That is the way I read it.  At one point it even appeared that in a
corporate situation they wanted a commercial license for applications
that were used internally only.

Where did you read this about internal corporate applications? This is important to me. I cant find it in the GPL.

The GPL says that you must distribute source if you distribute binaries. If you are developing an internal corporate application and not distributing it anywhere, you can do so under the terms of the GPL without having to distribute source for your application.

The MySQL licensing page at http://www.mysql.com/company/legal/licensing/ says:

"For OEM's, ISVs, corporate, and government users, a commercial license is the proper solution because it provides you with assurance from the vendor and releases you from the strict requirements of the GPL license."

This is about support, not about distribution. You can still use the GPL for your internal application but don't expect any support from the vendor if you have problems.


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