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Re: mysql 4.x and fedoracore2

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 11:45, Birju Prajapati wrote:

> >That is the way I read it.  At one point it even appeared that in a
> >corporate situation they wanted a commercial license for applications
> >that were used internally only.
> >
> Where did you read this about internal corporate applications? This is 
> important to me. I cant find it in the GPL.
> Birju

Was about a year ago on the mysql web site I believe.  I read through
all the stuff they had there on the licensing.  It was important to me
as well.  When the issue first came up I had been using mysql for a few
internal applications.  After reviewing the information available I
opted for using postgresql (which was easy to transition to btw) as it
has much more liberal and clear cut licensing.  The mysql information
seemed fuzzy at best.  Technically I feel mysql and postgresql are
equivalent.  There are some slight differences in some of the setup and
admin of the two databases but nothing that is really difficult.  

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

I would rather say that a desire to drive fast sports cars is what sets
man apart from the animals. 

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