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Re: A welcoming email

Trevor Smith wrote:

On October 20, 2004 11:21 am, Guy Fraser wrote:

We have more than enough here in Canada, too bad its illegal for you to
buy it

Newsflash: the US drug companies want a certain level of profit. If they make less on sales to us, the must make more on sales to the Americans (and maybe Europeans & Japanese).

If the US drug companies lose sales/profit to American consumers because they sell cheaply to us and we resell to their customers, our prices will go up. (I'm in Canada for those who have missed that.)

So stop gloating. People in Canada who don't realize this and think it's all a "big conspiracy" by the US companies miss the point that we, as Canadians, are part of that conspiracy and our "cheap drugs" won't last if we laugh too loudly at the people who are getting screwed (the American consumer).

This, of course, does not include home-grown Canadian substances that our friends out west provide so well. :-)

Canadian greens have nothing on California's Humbolt County.


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