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Re: mysql 4.x and fedoracore2

Ah just use Postgres and all those licensing woes go away ! :) :)

James Kosin wrote:
Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

They have to reveal their source, unless they have a commercial license!

HTML, depends, for most SQL stuff YES, because you want security so you will be hiding the source that calls the libraries, thereby breaking the license agreement for GPL of open source. That is if you take the license literally, without interpretation.

A java applet, definitely a binary. Unless you have a commercial license you have to provide the source for this as well. Since most java applets are downloaded to the client, this is definitely distribution.

I'm beginning to think everyone has this whole licensing issue blown out of proportion. Where are the simple days of old. When open source meant no strings attached and use at your own risk.

James Kosin

-- Aly Dharshi aly dharshi telus net

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	  that's short enough to be interesting
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