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Re: OT: Political Spam - what can you do about it?

>>>>> "r" == redhat  <redhat fayelectric com> writes:

r> I have a customer on our system (we're local ISP) that fancies
r> himself quite the political spinmeister.  He absolutely inundates
r> people with his (what I call) SPAM email.

If you're an ISP, you write the acceptable use policy and so it's
purely up to you and your lawyers to decide whether this fits within
the scope or not.  If your AUP permits what this person is doing then
you'd better change it, because if this user really is doing wide scale
spamming then you probably deserve all of the blocklist entries you
will receive.  It is simply not reasonable for an ISP to expect to be
able to get away with a weak or spam-friendly AUP these days.

For assistance, you can always look up the spam-l mailing list or
brave the comp.admin.net-abuse.email newsgroup.

 - J<

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