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Re: Apache build and SSL problem

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 20:55:08 +0200, Alexander Dalloz
<alexander dalloz uni-bielefeld de> wrote:
> Am Mi, den 27.10.2004 schrieb Linn Kubler um 20:31:
> > When I enter I get this error:
> > The connection was refused when attempting to contact
> > I ran nmap from another server and it shows:
> > 443/tcp closed https
> >
> > If I understand that correctly, it means that the port is open in the
> > firewall but that the service is not running.  Not sure how to tell
> > what went wrong here, didn't see any error messages when compiling and
> > installing and I've double/triple checked my install scripts compared
> > to what the book instructs and can't see any problems there.  Unless
> > something is missing that I'm not aware of.
> Right, Apache is not listening on port 443. Run "yum install mod_ssl".
> If you compile Apache yourself, then please read the docs very
> carefully.
> > Linn

Yes I am compiling myself, but only because this is the way the book
is teaching me.  I'm trying to stick with it for consistencies sake
and my education, I figure I'm learning much more this way than by
just letting the Fedora installation routines handle it for me. 
Besides, next I'll be going through MySQL and then PHP and I would
hate to have missed something or misconfigure something now that will
give me problems later.  I am pooring over the documentatin now but as
you know that's a pretty big task also.

I even tried an example installation as described on the mod_ssl.org
website and that didn't work either.  And it's basically the same
process as the book uses.

I'm wondering though... I've made a script file that runs the
configure program for mod_ssl and it has me enter a long list of
command line switches, for example, --enable-module=mime and
--enable-shared=mime, which makes sense.  However, I don't see a line
that enables ssl, my intuition tells me there should be one.  Or does
the --with-ssl= line take care of that?  I've attached the file if you
care to look at it.

Thanks again,

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