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Redirecting an e-mail to a script

Hello all, thanks for the help so far setting up my FC2 system. 
Sendmail is now up and working great.  I can send and receive mail on
my server.

My next task is that I want e-mail sent to a certain address to
redirect to a script.  Specifically this is for BigBrother network
monitoring.  Mail sent to bb myserver mydomain com should get
redirected to a script /opt/bb/bin/bb-mailack.sh.

So I was told that all I had to do is put a .forward file in /home/bb
and use the .forward file to call the script.

But that wasn't working.  I did some more research, and read that
sendmail (recent versions) won't execute scripts.  Someone told me me
that I could fix this with smrsh.  I put a link in /etc/smrsh to point
to /opt/bb/bin/bb-mailack.sh.  So now my .forward file calls
/etc/smrsh/bb-mailack.sh. It has execute permissions.

But it still doesnt seem to fire off that script when my bb account
receives e-mail.  It just goes to /var/spool/mail/bb.

In conversation with some folks here they also mentioned that:
      -I may have to use an alias, not a .forward
      -I may have to install procmail

But I guess that's where I get lost.  Not sure how to use an alias
(limited sendmail experience), and no idea how procmail would need to
fit in.

Any advice? Thanks as always,

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