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Re: Setting up SMTP?

Am Do, den 28.10.2004 schrieb Ow Mun Heng um 4:02:

> Again.. to recap.
> you don't have sendmail running on port 25?

No, the MTA is listening on port 25 for connections by other MTAs.

> You have sendmail's MSA running on port 587.

That is the standard port for it - see "grep 587 /etc/services".

> How is your email client configured?
> Outgoing emails are sent to the MSA, which in turn relays it out to the
> ISP's mail-relay?

My server has a static IP and has valid DNS entries (forward and
reverse) and this way the usage of a smart host is not necessary.

> All this while, port 25 is not used at all? How do you get your mails
> then? You pop/IMAP them? 

See above, it is used.

> I personally pop them from my server using fetchmail, pass them to the
> local sendmail on port 25 for spam/clamav scanning before being
> delivered locally.

Such a scenario is valid for home use.


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