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FC2 i2o problems

Trying to install FC2 on an Adaptec 3410S revision 380E, I followed
Warren Togami's instructions at

Even before I even load i2o_proc, I can see messages that suggest the
kernel has detected my two arrays, and the single partition on each:
	i2o/hda: i2o/hda1
	i2o/hdb: i2o/hdb1

And lsmod shows i2o_block and i2o_core are loaded.

There is, however, no directory /dev/i2o and there are no i2o devices
in /tmp.

I wget i2o_proc.ko and load it, and that seems to work ok, but I
still can't see any i2o devices and if I let the install proceed Disk
Druid doesn't show them either.

Also, if I try to rmmod i2o_proc at any point, I get a pile of errors
and the unload never completes.

Any idea what's happening here and what I could try?  (If I create
the devices by hand, should they be in /tmp or /dev/i2o, and what
major and minor numbers should I use?)


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