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Re: OT: Security....

On Wed, October 27, 2004 18:54, Jim Higson said:
>> Good points James...you missed one though... port 22. I see more
>> attempts
>> on SSH than any other port....stupid and LAME attempts but more on this
>> than any other...
> Out of curiosity, how much does it really matter so long as you have
> strong
> passwords?

I do see more brute force attempts @ ssh these days and start wondering
how much longer some script kiddie needs to make the algortihm a bit more
clever (and eg attack user names on certain hosts which are likely to
exist. This could be harvested eg from email addresses...).

I have hacked a script which tails /var/log/secure and reacts on attempts
to log in as root with password. Such offending IPs are then denied port
22 access. Any comments, positive or negative, on this?

HaJo Schatz <hajo hajo net>

PGP-Key:  http://www.hajo.net/hajonet/keys/pgpkey_hajo.txt

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