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Re: IP Addresses

On Thu, October 28, 2004 12:54, Chris Marsh said:

Now, I'm setting
an FC2 box to act as my website and Email server. I want to take over from
the Hosting Company.

Currently, my FC2 Box is connected via the ADSL Modem and has the IP
Address My problem is, how do I 'see' this box from the internet?

You need to change the settings of your router to foward certain ports.
e.g. for your web server, the router has to forward port 80 to

You need to be sure that the FC2 box always gets the same private address. In your present system, after a power failure, you might have the FC2 box at, say, One way is to manually assign FC2 a static IP, e.g., that is outside of the range handed out by DHCP. Or, if your modem/router supports static DHCP, set it so that the NIC of your FC2 (identified by its MAC address) always gets the same IP.

You also need to make www.ausmarsh.com point to your public IP address.
If your public IP is static, and you will be keeping an account with
Hosting Shop, just have them change the DNS entry.  If you will no
longer be dealing with H.S., you could have your registrar or a third
party provide DNS for ausmarsh.com, or you could run your own DNS on FC2.

If your IP is dynamic, you can use dyndns.org or a similar service.
Running an email server from a dynamic IP is not generally recommended.


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