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Re: Sendmail configuration

Neil Marjoram wrote:
I have a small problem with my sendmail config. I am sure I have missed
something, but I just can't see what.

I currently have a solaris system running sendmail, and that works fine.
I copied the configs from that system and started up sendmail. The new
FC2 system happily sends mail to our mail hubs, but when it receives a
message it just sends it back to the mail hub.

This is usually a case of the system not recognising its own domain name.

I've done a few tests and found that it will accept and deliver mail to
a local user and a local mailing list, however if I send a mail to
any_mail_address adastral ucl ac uk it just sends it to the mail hub
(which sends it back and we get in an eternal loop).

So mail generated on your local machine is handled properly, but incoming mail is forwarded to the hub?

I have set all my locahost host names in local-host-names.

That's good.

I have put adastral.ucl.ac.uk in relay-domains

Why? You aren't relaying mail for that domain, you're treating it as local. You do have adastral.ucl.ac.uk in local-host-names don't you?

My aliases file is straight from the Sun box so it works ok.

I have set :


In the sendmail.cf.

I guess you mean sendmail.mc ;-)

The last thing in my config which is a little strange is the MX records
for my domain point to the mail hub and not to my server, this is to
allow all mail from external addresses to pass through a central mail
hub before being delivered to local mail servers. This does however work
fine with the Solaris system.

That's fine as long as the mail hub knows to forward mail for your domain to you.

Could you post the entire sendmail.mc?


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