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Re: up2date showing wrong updates

Ryan McDougall wrote:

Alright, thanx. It seems like it has been at least a week since these
update have been showing up, but I must admit we probably messed up
somewhere. I didn't give you the complete story.

We were looking into YUM to do updates, well it was taking forever and
it would eventually end up choking on different things. Well I put in
a new yum.conf (after a little googling) and did an update that way...
So after that I foud out that my boss wants to use only "official
mirrors" and she doesn't really like yum anyway. So I read the FAQ at
fedora.redhat.com and updated my yum.conf AND my rhn source list with
official mirrors. Well now this perl-xml thing keeps popping up. Oh
well I guess.

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 16:06:40 -0400, James Kosin
<jkosin beta intcomgrp com> wrote:

James Kosin wrote:

All the mirrors haven't synced up with the servers yet.  Either try
again or wait a day or two.  Not everyone gets updated at the same
time.  They try to post notices about updates usually after a few days
just to alert everyone and hopefully after all the mirrors have had
time to sync up.

James Kosin

Oh... I hate it when I think of something afterwards.  One other thing,
if you have multiple repositories listed in the up2date file, If they
contain the same updates, the icon seems to count them as separate
updates even though they are the same update just listed on two
different mirrors.  I'm not sure if FC2 is the same.  But, FC1 does that.


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Try doing a "yum clean all"
That should clean up the yum temporary area and I'll find out more about the perl-xml thing.

Lets see if we can figure this simple thing out.
James Kosin

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