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RE: OT: Security....

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> On Wed, October 27, 2004 18:54, Jim Higson said:
> >> Good points James...you missed one though... port 22. I see more 
> >> attempts on SSH than any other port....stupid and LAME 
> attempts but 
> >> more on this than any other...
> >
> > Out of curiosity, how much does it really matter so long as 
> you have 
> > strong passwords?
> I do see more brute force attempts @ ssh these days and start 
> wondering how much longer some script kiddie needs to make 
> the algortihm a bit more clever (and eg attack user names on 
> certain hosts which are likely to exist. This could be 
> harvested eg from email addresses...).

If you do some Googling, you will no doubt find the info on this in some
security forums that I found when it first started on Port 22 a few months
ago.  A couple of people seet up "honey pots" and waited and watched... the
result was that after one of the scripted attacks detects a well known
account / password combination, the attack changes fromn being scripted to
manual and a "root kit" is installed.  The attackers were not good at
covering their tracks in terms of command history, so that is what gave it
away as a manual as opposed to a scripted attack.  Here's a list of hack
source addresses that I've recorded over a period of two months:-

SSH Hack source addresses

I checked one the other day and the IP was owned by a Korean University.


> I have hacked a script which tails /var/log/secure and reacts 
> on attempts to log in as root with password. Such offending 
> IPs are then denied port 22 access. Any comments, positive or 
> negative, on this?
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