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Re: Thinking on a "smart upgrading" to the near FC3

Thanks for all information!

Actually I don't have /usr neither /var separated. "Grand-daddy's"
recipe should do the trick.

It's quite clear why you should wipe all but /home partition. I didn't
know you could reformat only /boot and / partitions. Now we all hope
that FC3 should be gentle and easier to handle.

Thanks folks!



On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 11:00:25 -0400, Matthew Miller <mattdm mattdm org> wrote:
> > >>Anyone has the "grand-mommy" recipe?
> [snip]
> > Leaving /usr and /var (the OP only wanted to reformat / and /boot) could be
> > asking for trouble though; if you really want to keep your existing
> > settings I'd be inclined to go for an upgrade rather than a fresh install
> > without reformatting /usr, /var etc.
> I don't think he has /usr and /var on separate partitions -- they're part of
> /. This is pretty normal (and fine) practice on a desktop/workstation
> machine. But yeah -- all such "system partitions" need to get cleared. (And
> if you do have separate partitions, chosing to reformat them is easy too.)
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