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Re: up2date showing wrong updates

On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 18:00, Ryan McDougall wrote:

> Ok I really think I messed some stuff up when I updated the system
> using yum and those other repositries.

The trick to using the repositories is to understand the difference
between Fedora Core, Fedora Extras and Fedora Alternatives. (I haven't
seen those terms used in a while, maybe the terminology has been dropped
but the distinction still holds.)

Fedora Core
        This, obviously, is the core set of packages released by Red Hat
        and the Fedora Community.
Fedora Extras
        This is the set of packages which are not part of Fedora Core
        but are popular enough to be packaged up specifically to work
        with Fedora Core.
        Fedora Extras is split into two:
              * Fedora.us which contains the Extras packages suitable
                for distribution in the USA, and
              * Livna.org which contains packages such as MP3 codecs
                which are probably fine for use anywhere else in the
                world but may be legally suspect for use in the USA.

Fedora Alternatives
        This is the loose affiliation of repositories such as Freshrpms,
        DAG, ATrpms, NewRPMs, etc., which not only package software not
        found in Fedora Core or Fedora Extras but may also package
        *alternative*, i.e. newer or differently compiled, versions of
        software found in Fedora Core or Fedora Extras. Care should be
        taken in installing packages from Fedora Alternatives (i.e. you
        should try to understand what you are doing).

> Now when I try to do an update (in Gnome by the way using the rhn
> notification icon in the system try) I get a package conflict error
> with libXML here is the exact error:
> Test install failed because of package conflicts:
> file /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2 from install of libxml2-2.6.15-2 conflicts
> with the file from package libxml2_2.6.10-2_11.rhfc2.at

To me this looks like you have installed a version of libxml2 from one
of the Fedora Alternatives repositories (perhaps yum installed it as a
dependency for something else you installed from one of the Alternatives
repositories), and there is now a conflict between the libxml2 package
from Fedora Core updates and the one you have installed. This is one of
the things you have to deal with if you install things from the
Alternatives repositories.

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton            darren dzr-web com          www.dzr-web.com
       Trying is the first step towards failure (Homer Simpson)

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