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Re: FC1 Users: Sample yum.conf for Fedora Legacy Updates

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 11:25:28 -0400, Clint Harshaw wrote:
> My initial reaction based on the output is that you've installed the 
> Fedora Legacy GPG Key, but not the GPG keys for all of the other repos. 
> There are two different approaches that can get you all set up:
> 1) install the GPG keys from all the other repos using this set of 
> instructions (note that this will carry out the import of the keys even 
> for those repos that are commented out in my sample yum.conf -- I 
> figured that I would just install them all at one shot and then be done 
> with it, even if I don't ever use those repos):
> rpm --import http://www.fedora.us/FEDORA-GPG-KEY
      [etc. -- list snipped]

I did that, copying each line to a root prompt and entering it; then I ran
yum update again. This time it worked fine. Many many thanks! Now I can go
do the same with my backup desktop -- and maybe even my FC1 gnome-terminal
will get a prompt at last ...

> Hope this helps,

Vastly! Many many thanks!

Beartooth Autodidact, curmudgeonly codger learning linux
Remember I know precious little of what I'm talking about!

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