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Re: Some thoughts about yum and repositories

> 4. I shouldn't need to alter my
> yum.conf when I upgrade to a new version of FC -- yum should determine
> which version of FC I am running and automatically use the appropriate
> repositories (i.e. if I subscribe to rpm.livna.org when running FC2 and
> then I upgrade to FC3 yum should automatically start using livna's FC3
> repository).

If your repos and your yum.conf are created correctly this is already
done.  That is why the $releasever and $basearch variables exist.

This is interesting because yum on my system is under the distinct impression that I'm running Fedora Core 9!  I did originally upgrade from RH9 to FC2, but I had to remove the /, /boot,/usr,/root,/etc and several other directories to reconfigure the file system to more closely resemble the FHS configuration.  When FC3 comes out, I'm going to rebuild the system and move the Windows directories and make the Linux EXT3 diretories contiguous.
In any case, I had to set the $releasever to 2 so that FC2 repositories would be looked at.  
What I'm wondering is what does yum use to look for the releasever.  When I use uname, it comes back with 2.6.xxx as the kernel value.  Maybe I will look at the python code this evening and figure it out.

James McKenzie

James McKenzie
A Proud User of Linux!

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