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Re: Some thoughts about yum and repositories

D. D. Brierton wrote:
Judging from recent discussions on this list, it seems that many are
still confused about configuring their yum.conf files, and about all the
different repositories out there. I was wondering what we, the Fedora
community, might do to make this easier. I'm not so much thinking about
documentation -- it seems to me that FedoraFAQ.org does a pretty good
job of explaining stuff to people, however it still requires that they
find it or look for it in the first place. I was wondering if there was
something that could be done to yum itself (either the client program
itself, or the format of yum repositories) to make this easier.

I'm really hoping some people might have other suggestions, or comments
on what I've said above.

Best, Darren

Another option would be an easier frontend that would allow easy editting of yum.conf file.

A generic list of locations that could be checked or unchecked to select the sites, mirrors and backups. The admin could then select with repo's would be used. Warnings about possible conflicts and signitures would then be dealt with at one time.

Why should a new user with no knownledge have to struggle to find software and sites. Manually configure a file and then hope it works when a graphical frontend could do all that. How hard would it be for redhat or fedora.us to have a central file of all repositories and mirrors generated into a single array that can be used in a frontend?

Necessary locations could be in a green or must have repo's list. Yellow for repo's that are supportive of the main distro's and red for lists that may not work with or between distro's.

These points are in line with what you are asking for.

Along with a graphical package manager.
Robin Laing

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