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Re: Video capturing - Pinnacle

YigalB wrote:
"I must keep an XP computer for certain applications"............

[<Yigal>] I need to capture analog video........... - I was sure it's obvious. Is there anything I can do now to use

[<Yigal>] I don't know firewire that well. With USB it's different - the
USB device is recognized by OS when inserted (hot insertion) by the OS -
and this can be done by any modern OS. The problem is how to control the
flow of the data that goes on that bus: and for that you need the
drivers which should interface to the capturing software. In my case,
the DVC150 can be use by Pinnacles' Studio software, and they have no
intention to deliver Linux software, so I assume I have no choice -
unless I will buy FireWire device, and in that case I will need FireWire
PCI card, and why not - A DV camera... quite expansive thing in order to
work with free of charge OS.
BTW - when I plugged the DVC150 to the Linux PC - I got no response at
all - with XP I am used to see the OS recognize the hot insertion.
Shouldn't FC2 recognize it as well ?

The point of USB recognition is easier in Window as most of the drivers are supplied with Windows. As most manufactures, Pinnale as an example don't support Linux, you have to do some work to get the same features. I don't have much experience with USB but I have been able to get plug and recognize with jumpdrives and cameras in FC1. All it takes is a simple editing of a configuration file in most cases.

I suspect that you may have gotten a response but nothing that you noticed. Check your log files to see if the device was recognized and as what. This is the first line to getting any device to work on USB in Linux.


It would be nice if xyz manufacturer would support linux out of the box but when you have an almost monopoly in power, why spend the time to support something else.

One thing about free as in Linux, it leaves you much more money for the better toys. When I don't have to spend $700 for an office program to write letters or do presentations with, I can spend that money on a better camera or computer. If it takes a bit of work to get the odd think to function, I have taken the time to learn something.

I have yet to find any reason to even own a copy of Windows since 3.11. I have a copy of 95 that was on a dual boot machine (Pentium 90) but I have no use for that.

If you want to stay in the Windows World, do so, it is your choice. When I purchase hardware, I ensure it will work with Linux. Same goes for software, oh yea, I haven't had to purchase any software yet, even for work. :)

One last thing, I know any file that I create on my Linux box will be viewable or usable in Windows. I cannot say the same for any files that are created in Windows will be viewable in Linux or even another Windows box. Look at Windows DRM issues.
Robin Laing

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