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Re: MIMEDefang filter_sender() sub not working

Am Do, den 28.10.2004 schrieb Yang Xiao um 22:32:

> I tried to get help from the MIMEDefang list, but my posts seemed to
> be invisible on there for some reason. So if any of you are a
> MIMEDefang user, maybe you can help me on this.

When did you post there and how often? Normally the mail to the
MimeDefang list get through fast. If you have constant problems please
contact David F. Skoll directly.

> I'm just trying to get my feet wet by adding a sample sub like this in
> the mimedefang-filter file
> #
> # Filter Sender who says they are OHPP.COM
> #
> sub filter_sender {
>         my ($sender, $ip, $hostname, $helo) = @_;
>                 if ($helo =~ /ohpp\.com$/i) {
>                         return (REJECT, "goaway.");
>         }
>         return (CONTINUE,"OK");
> }
> I don't expect to ever receive incoming email from my own domain on this box.
> But this is not working, any ideas?

Do you have "MX_SENDER_CHECK=yes" set active in

> Yang


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